Sunday, July 19, 2009

World Budgie Project

After the first day or so on our trip, I got to thinking about one of Mom's swap-bot buddies. This buddy was organizing a "world bear project," where you mail off a teddy bear to someone, and they take pictures of it around town before sending it off. I wanted to do something like that, but I had a problem. I had no bear. I had packed my dragon puppet, who would have been nice, in the trailer. Getting him out through all the stuff around his box, then finding a place for the box in one of the cars, would be a pain (massive understatement). But I did have two cute budgies who would work. Thus, while we were in Colorado, the World Wide Budgie project was born. 

This went concurrently with the disposable cameras Amy G. sent us and Mom's digital, so Amy may have some better pictures where the little guys were more photogenic. Also, I often had no place to set the cage where the little guys wouldn't flip out, so please excuse the occasional wonky camera angle or arm in the frame.

So here they are, Sprite (the green one) and Buttercream (the white one), the globetrotting parakeets!

Granny's backyard in Colorado:

Our hotel in Greenriver, Utah:

Just before Salt Lake City:

Sitting pretty in Helena, Montana:

Dad with the budgies in Sangudo:

On the kitchenette at Fort Nelson:

With me at the signpost forest in Watson Lake:

Outisde our hotel in Whitehorse, facing into the sun:

At the Galactic Cinnamon Roll Center, somewhere along the Alaska Highway:

Same place, but with the dog, instead.

At Haines Junction, looking at the mountains.

In Beaver Creek, our first stop in Alaska. Fast Eddy's is just behind the camera. Go there and split an order of fried mushrooms with two friends sometime.

At home, looking over our lake. I think there are some better pictures from here on Amy's last camera.

They had a good ride, but I think they're glad to be home!


  1. I think they were better travelers than anyone else who made that trip with them! LOL

  2. Way cool idea James! I'll get the cameras developed as fast as possible..looking forward to the different interpretations