Tuesday, June 30, 2009

On the road! First stop, parentheses city.

Big shoutout to Gramps for helping us pack (read: putting a bunch of our crud in his truck and helping us get it out and to various places)! 
We left at 6:30 PM today, and have driven to Vernon, Tx.We got in 3:30hr of driving, and have gone about 180 mi. Dog is getting along fine, as are the birds riding in the back of the CR-V with her. I think Tate has more room than I do. I have a bunch of stuff at my feet (not that I'm complaining), and a bag on my lap (which is less than ideal). 
Amy G. sent us each bags of goodies, including snacks we've started on a little. Tate's bag has some cool stuff in it, and mine was really nice. Amy seems to have remembered my earlier post on economics and starburst, so there's a pack of those, and there's the world's awesomest pen, because it's shaped like a dragon. (sometimes, I'm easy to shop for XP). 

Already my Spore forum friends are missing me, because I told hem I likely wouldn't be on until the tenth. One of their RP's has died in my absence, and one of them was regretting that I wasn't there to post in it. Oh well, she promised to put off making one that is important to me until I get home.

Must get to bed soon, got a long day ahead.

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